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Batman Year One 4K UHD Review

A slick, mostly satisfying animated adaptation of Frank Miller's acclaimed story, Batman Year One details Batman's early beginnings in Gotham while forging his friendship with James Gordon.

Isle of Dogs Blu-ray Review

Dog Gone This isn’t one for cat people. In Isle of Dogs, vicious cat owning politicians exile canines to islands of trash, demeaning the creatures to sway public opinion. …

Wakefield Blu-ray Review

Bryan Cranston drops out of life in this Oscar bait Wakefield is the tedious deconstruction of a “successful” suburban family from an unhappy man’s perspective. Written and directed by …

Kung Fu Panda 3 Blu-ray Review

Po-faced Kung Fu Panda 3’s important lesson buries itself under 80 or so minutes of frantic action. Po (Jack Black) learns the value of failure and how it makes …

Argo Review

Twenty years ago if you said, “That guy from Mallrats will make the best CIA movie of the 2000s,” you would have been called crazy.