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Looper Review

You can take much away from Looper, whether it is pulpy entertainment or the rules of time.

Fire with Fire Review

Maybe there's something here for the growing Josh Duhamel fan base, playing off his usual roles for something with a sadistic side

Catch .44 Review

So much of Catch .44 feels wasted, extended dialogue never carrying the charm, wit, or story telling ability of what it's trying to emulate.

Cop Out Review

Most of the film seems like an attempt to turn Tracy Morgan into Chris Tucker from Rush Hour with the same agonizing result.

Armageddon Review

This is brain-dead cinema, where the fast and loose science is just sort of there in an attempt to stop people from thinking too long.

Surrogates Review

Energetic pacing (the film does not reach 90-minutes) keeps the intrigue moving steadily forward, while only partially tapping into the potential of the concept.

Unbreakable Review

Following up his Oscar nominated Sixth Sense, M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable is easily his second best film. His follow-ups have been less than stellar, especially The Village and Signs. …

Hart’s War Review

Audience’s hate being duped. In many cases, they’ll respond with their wallets, and that’s exactly what happened with Hart’s War. $70 million out, and a meager $20 million in …