Tag: Brad Pitt

Allied UHD Blu-ray Review

Al-LIE-d Despite trailers which depict Brad Pitt spraying machine guns at Nazis (recalling a bit of his run in Inglorious Basterds) Allied reaches for its few minutes of action. …

The Big Short Blu-ray Review

A Worldwide Meltdown Made Entertaining Financial collapse was looming prior to the economic meltdown in 2008 – ineptitude, smugness, and blind arrogance caused it. Those are qualities essential to …

Fury Blu-ray Review

Brad Pitt and Logan Lerman sell this vicious WWII tank epic A rookie tank operator offers the audience a gruesome opportunity for desensitization in Fury. Eyes are pierced. Legs …

Moneyball Review

What's impressive is how little Moneyball needs the game, finding it better suited fed through its weaving characters than to deliver a three-strike out visually.

Megamind Review

Credit to Megamind for holding firm and delivering a couple of fun twists at the end, stuff that isn't easily seen beforehand.

Seven Review

Fifteen years past its release, it's as modern as the day it hit theaters, so far beyond other films of its era it's staggering.