Tag: Brad Pitt

Cool World Blu-ray Review

A box office flop starring a young Brad Pitt and a sultry Kim Basinger, the Roger Rabbit-inspired Cool World mixes animation and live-action for an interesting failure.

Snatch 4K UHD Review

Snatch blends its hyper violence with caricature comedy in a rapidly successful heist story that still holds up decades on.

Allied UHD Blu-ray Review

Al-LIE-d Despite trailers which depict Brad Pitt spraying machine guns at Nazis (recalling a bit of his run in Inglorious Basterds) Allied reaches for its few minutes of action. …

The Big Short Blu-ray Review

A Worldwide Meltdown Made Entertaining Financial collapse was looming prior to the economic meltdown in 2008 – ineptitude, smugness, and blind arrogance caused it. Those are qualities essential to …