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The Climax Blu-ray Review

While challenging social norms and casting Karloff as a vicious, manipulative husband, The Climax lacks any energy or drive in its storytelling.

Night Key Blu-ray Review

Night Key isn't prime Universal, but it's raised in stature by way of Boris Karloff's starring role in an otherwise typical b-feature.

Scarface (1932) Blu-ray Review

Cutting Gangster Cinema’s Mold Released at the tail end of American prohibition, 1932’s Scarface, at times, is more a plea than movie. The Chief of Police (Edwin Maxwell) verbally …

The Raven (1935) Blu-ray Review

Gentle Rapping Bela Lugosi stars as a doctor driven mad, his lust for violence sustained by grisly worship of Edgar Allen Poe. Released not long after the production code’s …

The Invisible Ray Blu-ray Review

Spoiler: It’s Quite Visible Invisible Ray’s flimsy science isn’t worth the excitement or fear mongering. An opening text suggests super radium X-rays were inevitable soon (this back in 1936). …