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Nobody 4K UHD Review

Nobody is utter nonsense and better for it, mocking the masculine fantasy of middle class dads turning into death-dealing home protectors.

Long Shot (2019) Blu-ray Review

Taking Shots at Politics Long Shot makes no attempt to restructure the mainstream romantic comedy. It uses bigger stakes – the American Presidency – and still finds a way …

The Post 4K UHD Blu-ray Review

Well Posted The Post doesn’t only concern itself with the 1971 decision to publish The Pentagon Papers. While it’s easy to draw on All the President’s Men for comparison, …

Boulevard Blu-ray Review

Robin Williams is magnificent in one of his final roles Boulevard depicts inner turmoil. It is appropriately difficult to watch. The visible torment on Robin Williams’ face is both …

Operation Endgame Review

Unsurprisingly, the bigger A-list stars are killed off quickly in this incoherent mess that pits two rival assassin teams against each other in some underground government facility.