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A Simple Favor 4K UHD Blu-ray Review

Oopsies Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively form an unusual, desperate friendship in A Simple Favor. In personality, they represent oil and water; when together, they bond. It’s an unusual …

The Shallows UHD Blu-ray Review

Shark on Fire Up until the closing moments, The Shallows makes for a firm, lonely thriller. Blake Lively’s terrified looks add legitimacy to the concept of someone stranded just …

The Shallows Review

Root For the Bird The Shallows has to overcome its premise, previously edited to some perfection in the low budget 2003 shark flick Open Water. Shallows will decorate its …

Savages Review

Despite the horror, Savages never loses a sense of humor that is graded as dark, and certainly hidden within the dialogue at times.

Green Lantern Review

When Green Lantern finds its spark, that coming during a handful of CG-riffic action blasts, it does have an energy.