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Stripes 4K UHD Review

Stripes has its moments as a military based Animal House, but the anti-authority bent doesn't have enough bite coming from Ivan Reitman.

Space Jam 4K UHD Review

A perfect embodiment of the '90s NBA craze and the Looney Tunes final shot at the limelight, Space Jam is fine, but empty commercialization in the extreme.

Zombieland 4K UHD Review

Taking the Browns to the Super Bowl The goal for those surviving in Zombieland is to give a child one day to be a kid. That means a night …

Charlie’s Angels (2000) 4K UHD Review

Sorry Charlie. So, So Sorry The three writers credited to Charlie’s Angels were all men. That explains the awkward, inhuman flirting from the women and the uncomfortable fetishism. That’s …

Isle of Dogs Blu-ray Review

Dog Gone This isn’t one for cat people. In Isle of Dogs, vicious cat owning politicians exile canines to islands of trash, demeaning the creatures to sway public opinion. …