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Galveston 4K UHD Blu-ray Review

In the Heart of Texas The sun barely shines in Galveston. It’s as physically dark as it is metaphorically. An aging mob hitman, a teenage hooker, and a three …

Warcraft Blu-ray Review

Ambition and Effects Do Not a Great Warcraft Movie Make In order to force Warcraft onto film, the videogame franchise needed to be disassembled. Some twenty years of lore …

Contraband Review

Contraband doesn't do much for its credibility, most of the legitimate aspects coming between the family material.

The Mechanic (2011) Review

The Mechanic does redeem itself near the end, a hilariously over-the-top car chase concerning a garbage truck and a bus that makes Speed look passe.

Pandorum Review

If you can imagine Alien without the twisted mind of H.R. Geiger, you have the visual design of Pandorum.