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Chawz Review

If Chawz didn't gobble down some sustenance for as long as the character development takes, it wouldn't survive.

Legends of Flight 2D/3D Review

Do you like Boeing? No, wait. Do you LOVE Boeing and think the 787 is the greatest thing ever invented by anyone, anywhere, at any time in the history …

My Soul to Take Review

Not many movies get off to the start Soul does, a serial killer's mind on full display as he commits his final act of violence.

Takers Review

Takers does a lot wrong, and it's not long before it's hitting you over the head with idiotic cliches.

Death Race 2 Review

... a couple of splatter kills are about the only thing that sets the proper satirical tone of the Roger Corman original and 2008 remake.

Easy A Review

Easy A zings everything about American high school life, from the wildly over-sensitive religious clique to the sheer awe of sex in the first place