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Replicas Blu-ray Review

Do Not Replicate The opening scene of Replicas sees scientist Keanu Reeves uploading the consciousness of a dead soldier into a robot. That’s Replicas at its most coherent. What …

Misconduct Blu-ray Review

Anthony Hopkins is a winner in this loser Although Misconduct plays on the fear of pharmaceutical companies, the death of 200 people due to a faulty clinical trial only …

Before We Go Blu-ray Review

Chris Evans and Alive Eve star in this romantic Indie movie that isn’t a romance Before We Go is a deceptively entertaining movie, one of the year’s best in …

The Raven Review

The set up is lively, certainly a fun alternate history tale of people killing based on media before it was in vogue.

ATM Review

Unlike other single locale thrillers, this one has too many outs and too many solutions that are never capitalized on