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Taxi Driver 4K UHD Review

A masterwork of American political angst and lower class anxieties, Taxi Driver retains its power because its uncomfortable authenticity.

Finding Dory 3D Blu-ray Review

Thank you Sigourney Weaver Coveting Finding Nemo’s message of self-assurance and empowerment, Pixar’s revisit to the ocean is comforting. Mostly, Finding Dory comes to life without significant risk, opening …

Concussion Blu-ray Review

Avoiding the Issue Concussion’s complacent attitude toward the NFL’s brain injury agenda is alarming. More so is the influx of corporate whistleblower-esque films. They have poured into Hollywood since …

Drive Review

Drive adds grit, interest, and style to a beautifully robust visual facade, creating a film that is never anything less than utterly absorbing.