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Heat 4K UHD Review

Heat's distinctive approach humanizes criminality in a way few films do, focused as much on the action as the lives of those involved.

House of Gucci Blu-ray Review

An all-star cast, bolstered by Ridley Scott's superb craftsmanship, chronicle this entertaining saga of the rise and fall of Gucci in the 1980s, House of Gucci.

Carlito’s Way 4K UHD Review

Classier than most drug/crime dramas, Carlito's Way brings a vintage feel to a genre that turned toward merciless violence, but that doesn't mean it works either.

Scarface (1983) 4K UHD Review

A Cockroach in Miami’s Midst Scarface is both reactionary and alarmist. Oliver Stone’s screenplay slams the Carter administrations chaotic immigration policy, induces immigrant fears, this while blaming communism’s stranglehold …

Misconduct Blu-ray Review

Anthony Hopkins is a winner in this loser Although Misconduct plays on the fear of pharmaceutical companies, the death of 200 people due to a faulty clinical trial only …

The Humbling Blu-ray Review

Al Pacino tries to make his own Birdman and fails Al Pacino stars as an over-the-hill actor slowly losing his identity in The Humbling, his mind lost in the …

Jack and Jill Review

It takes the simplest outs, even the Mexican food after effects, and keeps dragging it out past the expiration date.