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Predators 4K UHD Review

Tourist Trap Empathy is a flaw in Predators. Anyone who dares to show compassion is certain to die on this alien planet, populated by a race of creatures determined …

Dragon Blade Blu-ray Review

Jackie Chan can’t fight against pitiful performances Jackie Chan highlights this Chinese historical drama which is rapidly sabotaged by American co-stars Adrien Brody and John Cusack. They’re insufferable. Not …

American Heist Blu-ray Review

Shot in Canada, but sure, go with “American” Heist Adrien Brody is impossibly miscast in this pedestrian heist film – pedestrian with the exception of martyring the villains. American …

High School Review

High School's comedic edge is never found, sagging as it runs through the usual gags resulting from pot use.

Predators Review

Nimrod Antal directs some impressive action sequences, easily the highlight as if the expectation were any different.

Splice Review

Where it goes is simply incomprehensible, a sequence of such high camp that it is utterly unfathomable who thought it was a good idea.

King Kong (2005) Review

While there will always be a place for the 1933 original, Peter Jackson’s take on the King Kong legend is pure Hollywood escapism at its finest. In all regards, …