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Escape Plan 2: Hades Blu-ray Review

Please Let Viewers Escape Escape Plan 2 comes from a mix of Chinese/American production companies and 33 (!) co-producers, also a mix of Chinese and Americans. The cast too, …

Southpaw Blu-ray Review

Hitting a little to the left Mired by melodrama, Southpaw’s circumstances create Murphy’s Law: The Movie. Egregiously named Billy Hope (Jake Gyllehaal) loses everything in the course of an …

Fire with Fire Review

Maybe there's something here for the growing Josh Duhamel fan base, playing off his usual roles for something with a sadistic side

Freelancers Review

The scripting is beneath the like of De Niro or Forest Whitaker, even if they're mild bright spots on a dreadful, dreary film.

13 Review

Punch-happy action star Statham adorns the cover art, but this is clearly a superstar effort from Sam Riley

Blood Out Review

Jason Hewitt is credited with the direction, so surely the nauseating combination of shaky camera work, jump edits, split screens, focal tricks, and slow motion are on his lap.

Home of the Brave Review

Home of the Brave brings yet another look at the Iraq war, this from the view of four veterans who survived an ambush while delivering medical supplies. Irwin Winkler …