Category: 4K Thriller

Juice 4K UHD Review

Ernest Dickerson's Juice, starring young versions of Omar Epps and Tupac Shakur with a fantastic soundtrack, remains a powerful and gripping film 30 years later.

Misery 4K UHD Review

Kathy Bates sells Misery's unnerving horror satire of the extreme religious right with gusto, and the blind cruelty is cinematic legend.

Collateral 4K UHD Review

Collateral intelligently makes an audience question their own morality, and follows two men looking for a way to prove they're right.

Vertigo 4K UHD Review

Vertigo belies its '50s era origin through a devious story of lust, obsession, and desperation, leading to an engrossing thriller.

Cold Pursuit 4K UHD Review

Elway or Manning? Cold Pursuit is not a normal movie. Not an American one, anyway. From a Norwegian director and a Danish scriptwriter (and remade from the Norwegian original), …

Hannibal 4K UHD Review

Okey-dokey Hannibal idolizes its killer. Lecter is surrounded by elegance and seductive cinematography, sweeping through lush Italian locations. It’s high class, swelling with mournful violins and coated in operatic …

Glass 4K UHD Review

Broken Glass Glass considers that comic books cannot exist. Sarah Paulson’s character refuses to acknowledge their existence; they need to be fantasy, a disease, as represented by three interconnected …

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit 4K UHD Review

Shadow Man Shadow Recruit almost got things right. This 2014 release saw Russians breaking America down financially, not politically. Shadow Recruit has jitters for another financial collapse, not long …