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The State of DoBlu

At its peak, DoBlu reached 60,000-80,000 people per month. When DoBlu posted the first review (anywhere!) of Avatar’s Blu-ray, wide interest had 100+ people on the site simultaneously for …

Support DoBlu on Patreon!

Hello DoBlu readers! As you likely know, DoBlu has crowdfunded before, but this year, we’re trying something different. Welcome to DoBlu’s Patreon which exists as a place to contribute …

Merry Christmas from DoBlu!

We’re almost to the end of another Blu-ray year, but first, it’s time to enjoy the heart of the holiday season. May yours be full of family, joy, and …

Thank You from DoBlu!

As promised, donors who did not wish to remain anonymous and donated more than $10 can now be thanked like the wonderful people they are.

eXistenZ Review

While eXistenZ doesn't have huge replay value once you know the twists and turns of the narrative, it's a fun ride the first time around.