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Documentary Blu-Ray Reviews

Bluebird Blu-ray Review

A glowing music documentary about the legendary Nashville night spot Bluebird with superstars Garth Brooks, Faith Hill, and Taylor Swift making appearances.

Aquarela Blu-ray Review

Uniquely structured and told, Aquarela tells the story of water in all forms, from northern ice to its transformation into dangerous weather.

Santana: Live at US Festival Blu-ray Review

Classic Carlos Santana Concert Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and legendary concert promoter Bill Graham’s US Festival was a financial disaster. However, it created lasting memories for everyone involved, including …

Bachman: Special Edition Blu-ray Review

Canadian Documentary Takes Care of Business Originally airing in Canada on CBC’s Documentary Channel, Bachman: Special Edition delves into the musical career and family life of Randy Bachman, the …