Author: Christopher Zabel

Christopher Zabel has moderated the AVSForum's Blu-ray Picture Quality Tiers for the last decade. A videophile with a real passion for classic genre films and quality filmmaking, favorite films include Fight Club and 2001: A Space Odyssey. A believer in physical media, his ever-growing movie collection is beginning to threaten the space-time continuum with its gravity well.

Liar’s Moon Blu-ray Review

A tragic tale of teen romance and dramatic power, Liar's Moon features Matt Dillion's first starring role and Cindy Fisher as his beguiling love interest.

Dancing Pirate Blu-ray Review

Newly restored to its original color, one of the earliest Technicolor musicals The Dancing Pirate features Oscar-nominated dancing and lively fun from the 1930s.

Monkey Kung Fu Blu-ray Review

An unending parade of non-stop action and masterful kung fu set pieces mark the vintage action classic Monkey Kung Fu from the legendary Shaw Brothers label.

House of Gucci Blu-ray Review

An all-star cast, bolstered by Ridley Scott's superb craftsmanship, chronicle this entertaining saga of the rise and fall of Gucci in the 1980s, House of Gucci.