“Insecticide? Where?”

Mant is likely the movie Matinee director’s Joe Dante always wanted to make. Post-Pirahna and Gremlins, both enamored with the ‘50s creature cycle, Mant is a natural Dante throwback. As the movie-in-the-movie, popularity propelled by a shrewd promoter Lawrence Woolsey (John Goodman), Mant captures the hazy horror of the era. Mutated by radiation, a man slowly evolves into a skyscraper-towering insect. Stock musical cues from Universal’s vaults and stock footage from Warner’s lends authenticity to this homage.”

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A much deserved 4K remaster brings Matinee to life in 4K. It’s gorgeous, with light grain resolved relatively well, and naturally sharp cinematography. All of the set details, like the awesome ’50s era movie posters in the kid’s bedroom, shine on this disc. There’s a brief downturn around 29-minutes, and it’s likely the restoration covered a heavy scratch near the center/top of the frame; this resolves quickly.

Rich color saturation powers the primaries, from the zesty but pure flesh tones to the vivid reds and blues everywhere. It’s all natural, just lightly elevated.

The Dolby Vision pass adds a spark, accentuating the contrast against firm black levels. Matinee isn’t remarkable in this regard, but it’s satisfyingly elevated from the non-HDR imbued Blu-ray.


Refreshed in Atmos, the difference is menial over the 5.1 mix from before, although it’s more naturally mixed overall. Heights have a few moments to shine, like the school bell ringing overhead. School halls swell with activity. Inside theaters, the surrounds pick up on crowds plus the movie itself.

With a nice low-end bump, the track feels fuller. That blast can come from jet engines, the score, or schlock effects from Mant. The finale’s balcony collapse hits hard, however briefly it lasts.


Shout updates their Blu-ray release with fresh bonuses, in addition to all that came before. Critics Drew McWeeney and Eric Vespe is on the UHD and Blu-ray. A new interview with actress Kellie Martin joins another with David Clennon.

A slew of additional interviews (all from the first Blu-ray) introduce the bonus features, beginning with a 20-minute Joe Dante chat. An older interview with Dante titled Paranoia in Ant Vision covers some of the same ground but for longer at 32-minutes. Co-star Cathy Moriarty spends 12-minutes speaking with the Shout crew, and Lisa Jakub goes for 25. Production Designer Steven Legler and editor Marshall Harvey speak for 15 and 11-minutes respectively. For the finale, director of photography John Hora fills a 21-minute space.

Mantastic details the making of Mant and how the crew came onto the project. It’s likely wise to watch all 22-minutes of Mant first though, included here as one of the best bonuses. Raw behind-the-scenes footage comes next, with mundane vintage featurettes and short deleted scenes reel as the finale.

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Infinitely charming with giant bugs and historical fears, Matinee keeps a genial, nostalgic tone alive.

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The following six screen shots serve as samples for our subscription-exclusive set of 38 full resolution uncompressed 4K screen shots grabbed directly from the UHD:

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