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A man seeking proof of life after death gets more than he bargained for in the intricately terrifying We Go On. Indie filmmakers Andy Mitton and Jesse Holland learn from their experience making the uneven YellowBrickRoad, returning with the far more polished and delightfully haunting We Go On. The spooky and unnerving horror tale also serves as a reunion of sorts for three Smallville actors – Annette O’Toole, John Glover and a brief cameo from Cassidy Freeman all make appearances.

Miles Grissom (Clark Freeman) is an L.A. man deathly afraid of dying, having lost his father at a very young age. Beset with various phobias, Miles suffers from recurring visions of his own death. He’s doted on by his overprotective mother Charlotte (Annette O’Toole). Miles advertises a huge cash reward in the newspaper to anyone who can conclusively prove the existence of life after death. That invariably attracts hundreds of cranks, charlatans and disturbed people looking to pull one over Miles.

The spooky and unnerving horror tale also serves as a reunion of sorts for three Smallville actors

Narrowing the best applicants down to three people, Miles contacts each one with the hope they can prove there is life after death. An anxious man afraid to drive cars, the results from his generous offer are mixed at best with his skeptical mother tagging along for the investigation. There’s a scientist (John Glover) who claims he can make Miles see ghosts, a wealthy man who has recovered a rare artifact from Tibet with mysterious powers, and an unhinged dishwasher who tells Miles ghosts are all around us.

What could have been a lame take on Ghost Hunters evolves into a wonderfully spooky surprise packed with twists and unexpected turns. The veteran cast is outstanding and the screenplay hums with eerie suspense. I wish Annette O’Toole had gotten a bigger career in Hollywood after appearing in Superman 3; she brings so much to each role and We Go On is no exception. Speaking candidly, star Clark Freeman is a poor man’s Channing Tatum at best but does a credible enough job. I’m not sure his rugged looks were a great fit for this particular role.

Ghost stories in films are a dime a dozen so everything has to be clicking for the supernatural tone and atmosphere to hit audiences. We Go On is crafted with care to keep you on the edge of your seat without flashy effects or unending gore. The smart storytelling unwinds several ghostly tropes and has several exciting wrinkles, catching even this jaded horror fan by surprise. If you need a good scare, We Go On will have you checking under the bed before you sleep.


The distributor Lightyear advertises “enhanced visual effects” for this 2024 remastered Blu-ray edition of the 2015 horror film. Co-director Jesse Holland actually makes his living designing graphics and digital effects, so his fingerprints are all over this updated version.

That being said, We Go On only has a few ghostly set pieces beyond standard filmmaking and really isn’t an effects-driven movie. Whatever changes have been struck don’t stick out on first impression. For a low-budget ghost story, the production values are fantastic and show the filmmakers involved are experienced hands.

The movie actually made it out on BD back in 2017 with little fanfare and that disc has been long out of print. The uncut, unrated main feature runs 88 minutes on a BD-25, encoded in transparent AVC. I’d love to compare this new special edition with the original BD but the older disc is not available for review.

We Go On was filmed back in the 2010s using RED cameras. The resulting picture quality offers lovely definition and clarity on Blu-ray in crisp 1080P video. The razor-sharp 1.78:1 presentation is packed with revealing detail. Close-ups highlight the lack of filtering in a technically astute transfer done from the digital master.

Black levels are solid, the contrast is fine, and exteriors are too bright if anything. Interior shots are far darker with maybe a hint of crushing in the deepest shadows. We Go On looks quite good for an independent production, if less than cinematic with its somewhat pedestrian daytime television aesthetic.


The 5.1 DTS-HD MA soundtrack is effectively discrete when necessary, utilizing the different channels for a properly layered atmosphere. There’s enough low-end action and a sprinkling of surround cues to keep listeners engaged in the generally clean sonic presentation.

Co-director Andy Mitton provides the ambient backing score, immersing the background with a moody touch. Dialogue is well delineated with balanced dynamics within the sound design. The soundstage grows bigger in exterior scenes, most notably at the pivotal LAX scene with planes flying overhead.

Optional English SDH subtitles play in a yellow font. Secondary 2.0 PCM audio in stereo is included.


You rarely see indie flicks like We Go On get a double dip on Blu-ray. Thanks to three new commentaries and updated special effects, Lightyear reissues the horror movie in a remastered special edition. Having not seen the first BD, it’s hard for me saying how different the new special effects look.

The disc is coded for all regions and arrives in a clear Blu-ray case. The original 2017 Blu-ray had a joint commentary by co-directors Andy Mitton and Jesse Holland which remains exclusive to that disc.

Commentary with Co-Director Andy Mitton – Mitton also handled writing and composing duties on the film, this is a more general commentary than the others.

Commentary with Co-Director Jesse Holland – Holland specializes in visual effects so he addresses the film from a slightly different angle through its VFX much of the time.

Commentary with Stars Annette O’Toole and Clark Freeman – A nice, pleasant discussion between the two actors remembering working together.

We Go On Trailer (02:04 in HD)

YellowBrickRoad Trailer (01:39 in HD)

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Spooky, effective ghost tale serves as a mini-Smallville reunion with Annette O’Toole and John Glover sharing the screen

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