“At a breezy 105-minutes, Beekeeper doesn’t slow down. Even its dialog deals in puns, one-liners, and other absurdities, leading to an overarching story that passes through all levels of government. All of them. Literally. To the top. In that, Beekeeper plays like a videogame, with Statham progressing through stages, beginning in a small facility and moving upward through the management.”

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A somewhat flat presentation is primarily helped by the HDR pass. The intensity of light sources, whether table lamps, ambulances, or ambient sun, push the tech to a mighty peak contrast. Black levels keep stability, but do hold a murky quality, sometimes shifting toward blue.

The thin veneer of digital grain doesn’t cause any issues. Detail though, especially for a true 4K source, doesn’t impress. Medium shots appear flat, and while not smooth, the lack of definition lacks the bite expected of this format. What texture does squeeze through looks fine. Oddly, it’s quite sharp overall, even without the resulting fidelity.

Coated in amber hues, Beekeeper lacks the usual primaries. A few scenes skew cooler, but flesh tones never really change.


In Atmos, Beekeeper doesn’t impress too much. It’s fine, adequate, with consistent range, but never notable. Surrounds engage as needed, produce mild ambiance, and certainly create space, if with little consistency. Beekeeper sits centered, even amid a wide fire investigation with police radios visibly stretching in every direction. Rain/thunder fills the soundstage effectively and a helicopter uses the heights, the only real example of Atmos effects.

Range creates low-end bursts. Gunshots and explosions rumble, passable power for a modern action flick, if nowhere near reference. An elevator collapse creates a hefty thrust, albeit a muddy one. Oddly, the entire thing sounds compressed, if slightly.


Absolutely nothing.

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An absurdist, satisfying action piece, Beekeeper is wholly indebted to its title, regardless of logic or plausibility.

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