“For designed camp, this is the peak. There’s little take away and little to remember in the end. The creative juices in the title don’t align with the potential of this comedy horror flick. Oddly, despite an R-rating, Killer Klowns is strangely sedate. Other than a decapitation and language, it’s almost fit for kids – aside from scarring them for life by the thought of clowns wanting to drink their blood. That thought is funnier than anything in Killer Klowns (aside from the balloon dog and later, the pie kill, which are marvelous)”

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When first approaching the circus tent, this Dolby Vision master begins to show its stuff. The glowing red and yellows look absolutely, well, glowing. Peak brightness appears superb, with a satisfying drop into deep shadows. Crush is lessened compared to the prior Blu-ray, but still inherent to the source.

Color sustains an intense, rich peak, much of this from the Klowns themselves and their costumes. Primaries pop while flesh tones remain generally neutral with only slight enhancement.

Grain resolves cleanly thanks to the encode, allowing detail and sharpness to flourish. In close, texture on the Klown suits show the intricate touches, even down to visible paint strokes.


DTS-HD comes in two flavors: One in 2.0, the other 5.1. This sounds different than Arrow’s 5.1 mix, with greater, more discreet channel separation from the outset as the comet flies in. Insect chirps come from the stereos. Inside the klown ship, a hum reverberates in every channel to enhance the eerie mood. It’s an exaggerated effect, but effective, with a few mistakes. Around 28:38, the audio drifts toward the right front, even with characters clearly speaking on the left.

Bass drones on, inconsistent, but does rumble as needed, in particular to accentuate the score.


A commentary from Chiodo brothers resides on the 4K and Blu-ray discs. All other bonuses stay on the Blu-ray. A broad making of is then supplemented by featurettes on the score and creation of the klowns. An interview with Gene Warren Jr. discusses the visual effects. Deleted scenes, bloopers, and early Chiodo Brothers films top this one off. None of this carries over from Arrow who produced their own extras.

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Killer Klowns from Outer Space
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Clumsy but attractively hand-crafted, Killer Klowns from Outer Space has a blast being itself.

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