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“Although directed by a male, the script came from Tina Fey, from a source book by Rosalind Wiseman. Mean Girls scathingly lampoons teen girls and their ferociousness in seeking social status. So much of Mean Girls reads like an exaggerated personal diary – whether from Fey or Wiseman, but likely both. Clique The Plastics step to a bedroom mirror, critiquing their legs, hair, lips, and more. In sync, they all turn to Lohan, expectant to hear her own self-loathing. It’s too perfect a scene, comical were it not evident how truthful that fixation is, bred by society.”

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Freshly mastered – and Mean Girls was certainly due for it – the image here is wonderfully precise. Behind a thin, barely perceptible grain structure, sharpness flourishes. Definition and texture thrive, even from afar. It looks consistently spot-on, organic, and pure.

In Dolby Vision, brightness accelerates to a satisfying, notable peak. Mean Girls’ brightness makes use of the format, clearly enhanced over the Blu-ray. Dense black levels do their part as well.

Bolder color makes a definite impression, especially flesh tones and their warmth. It’s heightened, even a bit unnatural, but Mean Girls has saturated pop. The reds and pinks dazzle with their intensity.


Decent dynamics give power to the soundtrack. A touch of bass accentuates the chosen songs, boomy enough to satisfy in a mix that doesn’t have much else to do.

At school, hallways crowd with activity in the rears. Bells ring in surrounds, ambient chatter filling each channel. Parties likewise utilize the available space, allowing this TrueHD track to fill. Balance keeps dialog intact without loss even in the busiest moments.


Tina Fey, producer Lorne Michaels, and director Mark Waters provide commentary, this followed by three lengthy featurettes totaling 46-minutes. Together, they form a decent documentary. Same goes for the blooper reel, interstitials, and four deleted scenes (with optional commentary) round this one out. Note that Mean Girls fans will likely have these bonuses on their shelves – it’s all the same as before.

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Mean Girls (2004)
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Witty and observant, Mean Girls has satirical bite for days – or decades it turns out considering how long it’s persisted in pop culture.

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