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“Where this movie works is in the overt subtext, played to a comical level as a small neighborhood comes under attack from corporate, cloud-based smart devices. Child’s Play mocks the entire process, from the slave labor that assembles these products, the indifferent retail employee who sells them, the falsely empathetic corporate headpiece advertising them, all down to the consumer need for the latest gadget.”

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Advertised as a new master, this pure 4K material looks great, with superb clarity and only the lightest noise. The resulting texture is immense in close, facial definition stellar. Luckily, even the mid-range material performs this well too.

Child’s Play uses cinematography that skews darker, elevated by the Dolby Vision pass. Peak brightness doesn’t push intensity too high, reasonably boosted. The real winner comes back to the black levels, hearty, dense, and consistent. Depth always appears impressive.

Also better than the Blu-ray, color gains a notable boldness, from the flesh tones to Chucky’s outfit. Primaries elevate, some taking on a vibrancy they lacked prior. It’s a bolder, richer palette, giving prominence to Chucky’s creepy eyes, whether red or blue.


Mirroring the Blu-ray, Scream uses a DTS-HD track in 5.1, but it exhibits small improvements. A few low-end moments leave an impression as a man falls onto a car from a window or the crunching metal of a car wreck.

Even rears in this 5.1 track meander into position. A voice or two will slip into surrounds (especially as Chucky calls to Andy near the end), yet the rest sounds empty. Stereos fare better, stretching the fronts to create space in various rooms. The finale features drones flying and slicing through the air in a fun surround example.


Scream/Shout copies the previous Blu-ray intact. Director Lars Klevberg delivers a commentary (the only extra on the 4K disc itself), the meatiest of these bonuses. A brief EPK making of and look at the special effects work run under 10-minutes combined. Two funny claymation shorts and promos bring this one home.

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A clever satirical update with a heinous Chucky design, the Child’s Play remake is generally a winner.

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