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Premium cable outlets needed male subscribers in the 1990s. Thus was born projects like the (seemingly) racy Full Body Massage starring Mimi Rogers. Premiering on Showtime, the occasionally titillating movie is heavy on talk and light on action as it’s primarily an intimate showcase for its two leads. If you’re looking for sleazy fare, director Nicolas Roeg’s low-budget cable film is far more about each protagonist sharing their personal life lessons. More sensual than explicitly sexual in nature, Full Body Massage does catch Mimi Rogers before her prime as an actress had passed.

There isn’t much to the premise behind Full Body Massage. Nina (Mimi Rogers) receives a thorough massage from Fitch (Bryan Brown) in her home, a last-minute replacement for her usual masseur Douglas. That’s almost the entire movie in a nutshell. She’s a single art dealer, jaded in love. It’s clear from the beginning Nina is disappointed her usual guy Douglas didn’t show up, taking a good deal of time to accept Fitch’s unusual approach. They discuss their life philosophies and past relationships as the conversation peels back each layer.

There are kinkier and more erotic films than Full Body Massage

The charged sexual tension rises as Nina grows increasingly comfortable during the massage, sharing intimate details of her life. Fitch discusses his trips around the globe and what he’s picked up from other cultures, informing his philosophy on life and love. Nina’s growing attraction is palpable, even as Fitch plays his cards very close to the vest. A mutual attraction is there but what could provide that final spark is the question.

Some have suggested Full Body Massage is partially inspired by Jacques Rivette’s La Belle Noiseuse, starring Emmanuelle Béart. The similarities with the French film are there as an older artist has stimulating conversations with a much younger nude woman on her relationships, while using her as a model.

Filmed only a few months after Mimi Rogers had given birth, she’s under a towel for most of the film though her breasts are often on display. The actress has a nice interplay and flow with co-star Bryan Brown, albeit the conversation grows increasingly tedious into the final act. Ultimately you begin questioning where all this is going for their characters.

Tacky production values aside, Roeg sets out to make a more interesting film than I think Showtime wanted or intended. He uses a little tawdry sex appeal on the surface to help sell his film but for the most part Full Body Massage is not aimed at prurient tastes. There are kinkier and more erotic films than Full Body Massage. It’s a curiosity leftover from the 1990s, one which may disappoint anyone whose not a big admirer of Mimi Rogers and her talents.


Full Body Massage hits Blu-ray for the first time worldwide from Unearthed Films, who proudly boast of a “new 2K scan” for their transfer. British cinematographer Anthony Richmond (Don’t Look Now) reunited with director Nicolas Roeg for the 1995 cable movie after having previously worked together on The Man Who Fell To Earth and Walkabout back in the 1970s. Originally airing on Showtime in a 4:3 aspect ratio, Unearthed Films returns Full Body Massage to its more proper theatrical 1.66:1 aspect ratio.

I’d love to report Full Body Massage looks fantastic in 1080p video but that isn’t the truth. It’s a workman-like transfer of flat, uninvolved television cinematography from the 1990s. Clarity is generally excellent but its definition and overall detail are lacking for a new scan of 35mm film. Colors are largely dull with occasionally uneven flesh-tones. Interiors give off a cold vibe, greatly contrasted by a few warmer scenes shot outdoors. The film elements are in decent shape with no major issues.

Some ringing is evident, possibly baked into the cinematography. I don’t believe the transfer has been filtered but the video is soft with detail sometimes only marginally better than a good DVD.

The main feature runs an uncut 93 minutes on a BD-50, encoded in adequate AVC. This is likely the only BD Full Body Massage will ever receive. While it’s not a videophile wonder, getting the film in its proper aspect ratio is a huge jump over the antiquated and generally terrible DVD versions.


The included 2.0 PCM stereo soundtrack provides intelligible dialogue in what is a fairly limited audio experience. Full Body Massage’s cable budget pedigree shows in the rudimentary music. The score from composer Harry Gregson-Williams is rather cheesy, an early and pedestrian effort in his career. Sound design on the cable production is adequate but lacking in big dynamics and powerful effects.

Optional English and English SDH subtitles play in a yellow font.


Full Body Massage is #13 in the Unearthed Classics line from Unearthed Films. It arrives on Blu-ray for the first time with a slipcover. The disc is coded for Region A.

Image Gallery (00:46 in HD)

Full Body Massage’s TV Version (93:05 in SD; 4:3 aspect ratio) – The movie only existed in this form for many years on DVD but it’s a largely superfluous bonus in somewhat shabby quality.

Full Body Massage Trailer (01:26 in HD)

Tokyo Decadence Trailer (01:13 in HD)

Nightwish Trailer (01:38 in HD

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Mimi Rogers receives a nude body massage in this tacky but well-acted cable telefilm from the 1990s

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