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“In Silver Bullet, no one ever seems happy. An economic downturn encroaches on these people, stress rising, and the werewolf causes them to finally act on the buried anger. Imagine, a ‘50s sci-fi outing that, instead of post-war celebration, dealt with WWII’s lingering emotional after-effects. Silver Bullet is that movie, sloppy as it too often is, and less post-war than Reagan-era, eroding small towns as money started drifting toward major cities.”

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About four-minutes in, Silver Bullet pulls back the camera to reveal an entire picnic/fair, and the sharpness is so sublime, every person is defined no matter the distance. The full 4K scan shows its worth immediately, and picks up from there. Natural definition resides behind a small, easily resolved grain structure that’s handled by the encode without fault. Facial texture in close displays incredible texture, making notable gains from the previous Blu-ray.

The only suspect element in this transfer is the color. Flesh tones have a digital warmth/pink tint that doesn’t align with the other organic filmic qualities. This is true at night too when the blues and teals have a notable digital slant. That said, Silver Bullet does produce some incredible primaries. Red turns into a prominent hue.

Dazzling black levels increase the horror elements, crushing only as the original cinematography demands. Image density is a constant.


The same mix as was on the Blu-ray. Smooth, deep lows do enough to add slight range. For DTS-HD mono, it’s impressive anyway.

Overall, clarity captures dialog and action minus any concerns. Time adds a little grit, if nothing unexpected given the ‘80s source. Consistent fidelity sustains these elements in prime condition.


On the UHD, Scream includes the Kingcast podcast hosts, Erice Vespe and Scott Wampler. That joins an older commentary with producer Maha De Laurentis and still a third with director Daniel Attias. Composer Jay Chattaway speaks on his work via interviews along with a partial isolated score.

The Blu-ray contains the above too, and adds interviews with actor Kent Broadhurst, editor Daniel Loewenthal, and actor Everett McGill. A featurette on the visual effects join trailers and promo materials at the end.

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Silver Bullet
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An uneven throwback to the ’50s, Silver Bullet offers a few scares between looks at society’s uglier side.

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