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Comedies like No Hard Feelings typically don’t happen anymore, with a script embracing pure raunchy laughs and anti-social norms. It’s tapered compared to say, the ‘80s, or even the ‘00s when Step Brothers and Superbad briefly resurrected the hard-R comedy. And if anything, Superbad’s influence is the only thing holding No Hard Feelings back from greatness. Notably, that need for honesty and sweetness.

No Hard Feelings features a beach brawl with an entirely nude Jennifer Lawrence suplexing and punching people to retrieve her clothes. Then, co-star Andrew Barth Feldman jumps onto to the hood of her car – also while naked – as she tries to drive away. It’s ridiculous, funny, awkward, and unashamed.

No Hard Feelings doesn’t go for the cheap laughs, fully committed to the material

But No Hard Feelings needs to cope with this situation. Lawrence plays a broke, desperate 30-something looking for a payday and agrees to bring Feldman out of his socially awkward shell at the request of his parents, a nerd fantasy wholly outmoded in 2023, and entirely refreshing in how far No Hard Feelings is willing to go with this premise. Then comes the outpouring of emotions, withering the pace for drama rather than laughs.

It’s not illogical. In this scenario, people would be hurt. No Hard Feelings doesn’t carry that dramatic tone elsewhere though. Lawrence plays a woman seemingly incapable of expressing such thoughts, allowing her a character arc, just one that seems to stem from an indie dramady rather than a sharp studio sex romp.

The script’s intelligence plays into a self-aware status, notably so in a scene that finds Lawrence exacerbated at a pre-college party, opening bedroom doors to find couples (and more) alone in rooms, just browsing their phone. “Doesn’t anyone fuck anymore?” she asks, slamming a door in frustration, calling out an entire genre for its more constrained standards in the modern era. Soon after, she’s accosted by kids trapping her in an awkward, non-PC scenario before helicopter parents become involved. No Hard Feelings takes multiple shots at suffocating real world standards without stepping into an uncomfortable territory, a contemporary showcase for how to do this right.

And it’s funny. Only a few jokes falter, and even those elicit a snicker or giggle. Most importantly, No Hard Feelings doesn’t go for the cheap laughs, fully committed to the material no matter how far into the depths of sexual squalor that might go. It’s great to see these movies still exist, even if their overbearing soul/heart saps some of that life.


Rudimentary digital video looks decent enough. Occasional noise hits the backgrounds, but it’s nominal. Darker scenes (a bar, especially) flood the screen with digital artifacts. No Hard Feelings generally looks clear though, even a little smooth in spots, lacking firm, defined texture. But, that’s not a total loss. Fidelity slips in, the resolution firm and facial definition spot on.

The winning element is color, boosting greenery, red flowers, and other natural elements in the frame. Flesh tones warm beautifully. Saturation runs high, established, firm, and rich.

No Hard Feelings shows stellar brightness, the locations offering sun in droves. It’s a near constant too. Black levels drive the image density, but do falter, turning toward dry blues in multiple spots.


Surprisingly robust DTS-HD 5.1 features great surround use, adding ambiance throughout the dialog scenes while the music spreads wide. Near the docks, seagull calls spread into the rears. Waves crash into the shoreline.

Music hits the subwoofer with a satisfying thump, typically the only thing required of the subwoofer.


Two bland EPK featurettes and a blooper reel – that’s it.

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A throwback R-rated comedy, No Hard Feelings is riotously funny and infinitely charming.

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