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The Prince is an unflinching, sexually charged prison drama from filmmaker Sebastián Muñoz. The Spanish-language film is set in a squalid Chilean prison, exploring the complicated love between a new inmate and the tough prisoner that takes him under his wing. The challenging and evocative cinema deals with a young man’s coming of age behind bars.

The Prince (“El Principe” in Spanish) adapts a pulp novel by Mario Cruz. Jaime (Juan Carlos Maldonaldo) is only twenty years old when he’s sent away for murdering his best friend. Alone and frightened, Jaime quickly falls under the protection of Ricardo (Alfredo Castro), a macho prisoner nicknamed “The Stallion.”

Under the brutal and violent social politics inside the prison, the much older Ricardo offers protection and comfort in exchange for sex. Having been in the system for years, Ricardo is near the top of the prison’s social order. It’s an arrangement that threatens the current pecking order and upsets a rival gang.

The Prince is a dark tale of passion and prison violence primarily made for the gay community

Jaime is mockingly nicknamed “The Prince” for his youthful good looks. The hardened prisoners eye the young man like lions hunting a gazelle. More or less forced into a sexual relationship with Ricardo by necessity, Jaime begins finding love and affection for the first time in his life despite a growing power struggle inside the prison.

The Prince is a dark tale of passion and prison violence primarily made for the gay community. The explicit sexual journey for Jaime delves into his background through flashbacks. Madly in love with his best friend, his laid-back demeanor hides a selfish, more sinister side that ends in blinding rage. While not quite the cliché of a young pretty boy tossed to the wolves in prison, the emotionally complex narrative doesn’t mind embracing a few of those tropes for salacious effect.

There is a genuine earnestness in The Prince’s storytelling that doesn’t sugarcoat prison life. The film is brutal and frank while telling an unlikely love story.


Artsploitation Films presents the foreign production at its intended 1.85:1 aspect ratio. The main feature runs over 95 minutes, encoded in satisfactory AVC on a BD-25. The raw cinematography for The Prince is crisp with excellent definition.

The 1080P video however is hampered by what the filmmakers have done in post-production. Chasing a grittier vibe and aesthetic, shadow delineation has been crushed whenever a scene takes place inside the prison. Black levels are pushed and the overall video is darkened. It’s most noticeable when comparing the ungraded deleted scenes with their counterparts in the actual film.

The Prince doesn’t go for razor-sharp definition. It’s softer than most new films with less focus on extremely revealing detail. Nothing sticks out as out of place in the pristine presentation.


The dialogue-driven film gets an adequate 5.1 Spanish Dolby Digital soundtrack. The original music by Angela Acuna is the primary benefit of the bigger soundstage, balanced throughout the five main channels. It’s a limited mix with serviceable dialogue reproduction. Minor ambience provides rear support.

Optional English subtitles play in a white font. A secondary mix in 2.0 Dolby Digital is included.


Artsploitation Films includes deleted scenes that will interest fans of the movie. Often enshrouded in darkness in the film, the uncut sex scenes here offer far more clarity and explicit action.

Deleted Scenes

“Meeting” (08:11 in HD)

“Gypsy” (03:28 in HD)

“Foal” (04:28 in HD)


Alfredo Castro (01:24 in HD)

Gaston Pauls (01:48 in HD)

Juan Carlos Maldonaldo (01:29 in HD)

Luis Barrales (01:38 in HD)

Artsploitation Trailers

Animals (01:52 in HD)

Benjamin (02:21 in HD)

Dead Dicks (01:23 in HD)

Death In Buenos Aires (01:54 in HD)

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A sexually explicit coming-of-age tale for a young man in prison that explores dark themes and unflinching violence.

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