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Schlock filmmaker Andy Sidaris takes a step back from Malibu Bay Films with Enemy Gold, handing the reins off to his son Drew as director. You would be hard-pressed differentiating Enemy Gold from Andy’s own filmography. The 1993 movie continues their brazen and blatant formula of beautiful centerfolds in bikinis serving as Federal agents.

The T&A action romp stars familiar faces Julie Strain, Suzi Simpson, and Bruce Penhall. Enemy Gold is a solid entry in the Malibu Bay Films canon. It doesn’t rock the boat with a new filmmaking formula and sticks to what Andy Sidaris did best: voluptuous pin-up models, guns and cheesy action. Not to mention several steamy scenes set to a jazzy score.

Fit To Kill was originally intended to end the Sidaris filmverse. Enemy Gold introduces a new line-up of shadowy villains and nebulous Federal agents that prance around mostly in swimwear. Julie Strain is Jewell Panther, an assassin billed “as deadly as she is beautiful.” Suzi Simpson is Becky Midnight, a tough Federal agent that knows her way around an explosive crossbow.

Enemy Gold sticks to what Andy Sidaris did best: beautiful pin-up models, guns and cheesy action

Rarely indulging in anything beyond guns and girls in his movies, Enemy Gold opens with a full Civil War battle. It’s the backstory to the stash of gold discovered in the present by our erstwhile agents. Soon the normal plot mechanics found in an Andy Sidaris’ flick resumes and we get a story of three Federal agents that cost a Bolivian drug dealer millions when they hit his operation.

Thanks to a crooked government official, the three heroic agents get suspended and go on a little vacation together. With the drug dealer’s minions hot on their tail, they accidentally discover the lost gold.

Enemy Gold is one of the more satisfying adventures from Andy Sidaris’ b-movie empire. One of the last made in the series, his team had the formula down to a science by this point. Take Playboy Playmates, cast them as agents battling bad guys in cheesy action movie plots, and ensure the male audience leaves satisfied. The acting isn’t great but no one seeking these movies out really care.


Mill Creek Entertainment continues their fine line of Andy Sidaris Blu-ray releases with Enemy Gold. Listed as a 4K film transfer, the main feature is nicely encoded in AVC at excellent bitrates on a BD-50. The 1.78:1 presentation has been blessed with a lively contrast and solid black levels. Minor damage to the elements aren’t distracting in the film-like presentation. There is noticeable telecine wobble and judder about twenty minutes into the movie, which thankfully passes once the scene is over.

No signs of zealous video processing are evident. Enemy Gold isn’t quite as sharp or dripping with outstanding definition like some earlier Malibu Bay Films productions on BD. Colors are slightly more subdued this time around with more realistic flesh-tones.

Enemy Gold has fairly crisp definition for a low-budget b-movie feature and satisfactory levels of detail. Depth and shadow delineation are passable. Although a step behind the lavish film restorations handled by Arrow Video and other top-notch labels, Mill Creek gives Enemy Gold a very respectable film transfer worth your money.


2.0 DTS-HD MA audio satisfies with convincing gunplay sounds and the heat of action. Enemy Gold’s mix offers intelligible dialogue and perfect musical reproduction for the generic action score. Acceptable dynamic range includes moderate low-end activity and enough separation when demanded. Action junkies shouldn’t have a problem with this average b-movie effort.

Optional English SDH subtitles play in a white font.


Mill Creek has been including the original special features made by Andy Sidaris years ago for BCI Eclipse’s DVD line. That includes commentaries and a slew of creative featurettes that have talent like Julie Strain appear.

Audio commentary with Andy Sidaris and Arlene Sidaris – Andy and wife/producer Arlene discuss how they made the film in this loose, fun conversation. Andy pokes fun at himself and attempts a few lame jokes. He seems very happy with how the film turned out.

Andy Sidaris Introduction (01:15 in SD) – An optional introduction by the director with a very nude Julie Strain having fun.

Behind The Scenes Featurettes (44:19 in SD) – There are actually eight different featurettes, some of which have been recycled from earlier Andy Sidaris’ releases. Everything from a brief film school shooting Return To Savage Beach, to a nude Julie Strain giving some interview to a German magazine, even a guest appearance on the old Joe Bob Briggs show.

Enemy Gold Trailer (02:27 in HD)

Malibu Bay Films Trailers – All twelve films that officially comprise Andy’s Malibu Bay filmography have available trailers. Movies such as Hard Hunted and Do Or Die are included.

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Enemy Gold
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One of the latter films produced by Andy Sidaris, his son takes over behind the camera to similar results, producing another T&A action romp starring centerfolds as lead performers.

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