Bringing a story of self-doubt and identity to Marvel’s storyline, the second stand-alone Spider-Man has a lot of fun (too much arguably) selling action in droves, with the right levity to keep the character’s awkward identity. It’s a fun villain too, using drones in his plot to rule the world, thusly making a statement on the technology and adding a visual spark to the finale. As closure to a decade of films prior, Far From Home keeps up the energy.

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Cranking the knob on color saturation, Sony’s Dolby Vision pass makes Far From Home glow. Primaries keep their richness for the full runtime, dazzling with warm flesh tones and a bevy of primaries. Watching Parker limp through a field of flowers while wearing a bright orange soccer jersey is something special.

HDR further enhances things, at the best during the fire elemental fight. Lava glows, that butting against vividly green laser beams. Also, Mysterio’s suit holds a number of bright blue lights, contrasting the darker surroundings. It’s otherwise a relatively routine Dolby Vision outing, suffering a little black crush (Nick Fury’s first appearance) and only lightly elevated highlights elsewhere.

But still, Far From Home’s digital source ensures pure clarity, and while not the sharpest (it’s a 2K upscale) fidelity from Spider-Man suits, close-ups, or city aerials dump extensive information on screen. The only noise comes during Mysterio’s illusion at the second act’s end; that’s possibly an intentional touch too as to separate from the flawless reality everywhere else.


*checks disc for Disney logo*

Nope, that’s not it.

Far From Home is just an oddball from the typically consistent Sony, with a bizarre, inconsistent LFE output like Disney’s Atmos mixes. The mix does create some rumble during the water elemental fight, but whiffs when attempting to push the deepest and lowest frequencies. It’s limp and thin. No amount of volume correction will fix it.

Surrounds perform similarly. Hearing Mysterio’s voice swirl around Parker is awesome, including overhead action (some fireworks do the same earlier). Spider-Man web swings between speakers, and he specifically calls to Mysterio during the fire elemental fight in the right rear. Yet, with all the drones zipping around, actual movement sounds restricted. Positionals weaken in terms of their impact on the action. A dud.


Sony bills an extended deleted scene as a short film, the same going likewise for another feature titled Teacher’s Travel Tips. Some properly labeled deleted scenes (five of them) have their spot. A gag reel is fun, followed by 10 featurettes, averaging around four minutes each, all way too short. There’s no play all option either. A few looks at the pre-vis process come in last.

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A fun, ethusastic wrap-up to the Marvel’s decade of comic movies, Spider-Man: Far From Home vibrantly brings Spidey back to the fray.

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