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The Seduction is a guilty pleasure from the early 1980s for many Morgan Fairchild fans. I certainly include myself as one of them. Making the leap from television, actress Morgan Fairchild stars in her first movie role as an attractive anchorwoman stalked and intimidated by a dangerous admirer (Andrew Stevens) infatuated with her beauty. The sensual b-movie thriller developed a cult reputation in the 1980s as it became a frequent staple of premium cable in the decade.

Morgan Fairchild shines as Jaime Douglas, both in and out of her clothes. The camera absolutely loves her in The Seduction, opening with a midnight swim in the buff as someone spies on her with a telephoto lens. Director David Schmoeller isn’t afraid of exploiting his leading lady’s talent, only some of which involves her acting performance. The whole plot revolves around her character being constantly placed in danger as no one around seems capable of helping, including her boyfriend (Michael Sarrazin) and the police (Vince Edwards).

How you feel about Morgan Fairchild will determine your feelings towards The Seduction. If you like the former television actress, there’s enough suspense and tension in the sexy thriller for decent entertainment. A stellar supporting turn by Colleen Camp doesn’t hurt, either. If you aren’t interested in Morgan Fairchild and her charms, the stilted plotting and lack of action will likely have you checking out before it’s over.

…made as a vehicle for Fairchild’s burgeoning stardom and largely delivers in that regard

Some of the gender politics and plot machinations in The Seduction feel archaic today. Any famous person these days would immediately file a restraining order on an obsessive fan and hire security. Characters handwave away the threat with fairly lame excuses. After the admirer’s romantic advances are rebuffed, he wouldn’t be let anywhere near the celebrity and likely tossed in jail.

There’s an attempt at empowering Fairchild’s character but it rings somewhat hollow in an abrupt climactic sequence, ending in an over-the-top manner. After pleading for help in dealing with the stalker, Jamie decides to take matters into her own hands.

The casting is a bit strange. Handsomely attractive actor Andrew Stevens is cast as the unhinged admirer making romantic advances, only to become threatening once Jamie lets him know they are completely unwanted. He’s fine in the role but doesn’t really fit the profile of an obsessive weirdo. There is even a sub-plot of his character rejecting other women for his imagined relationship with Jamie. Jamie’s boyfriend on the other hand is decidedly less attractive. Many directors would have gone with the actors reversed in those roles.

If you remember Morgan Fairchild’s heyday as an actress in the 1980s, The Seduction is likely already on your radar. It’s a fine, if disposable, thriller that was made as a vehicle for Fairchild’s burgeoning stardom and largely delivers in that regard.


The Seduction hits Blu-ray with an impressive, film-like transfer that must have been recently struck. Scream Factory apparently licensed this HD transfer from Studio Canal and it’s a real beauty. The 2.35:1 presentation shows off outstanding texture and definition.

The film elements are in marvelous condition with negligible wear or visible deterioration. Colors are nicely saturated with a steady, proper contrast. Rarely do movies from the early 1980s look this good on Blu-ray. The outstanding cinematography has clean shadow delineation and excellent depth.

The main feature runs 104 minutes on a BD-50. The efficient AVC encode smoothly handles film grain with clean transparency and error-free replication. This new Blu-ray presentation provides a dramatic improvement over the existing DVD’s picture quality.


Master Hollywood composer Lalo Schifrin did the film score and Dionne Warwick sings the opening theme song. The 2.0 DTS-HD MA has the film’s original theatrical mix, a solid mono mix that doesn’t push things. It’s mastered with decent range and smooth fidelity. The Seduction is a dialogue-driven thriller for the most part. Modest bass and limited audio design are this soundtrack’s most prominent features. Dialogue is clear and intelligible.

Optional English SDH subtitles appear in a white font, inside the 2.35:1 widescreen presentation at all times.


The Seduction hits Blu-ray courtesy of Scream Factory. Pulling over all the special features found on the out-of-print Anchor Bay DVD, Scream Factory also lands a new interview with Morgan Fairchild! She is easily one of the biggest names they’ve secured for one of their cult Blu-ray releases.

The old Anchor Bay DVD is now obsolete as this Scream Factory has it in every category, from fine A/V quality to the new interviews with key participants. The Blu-ray is coded for Region A.

Audio Commentary with Producers Irwin Yablans, Bruce Cohn Curtis and Writer/Director David Schmoeller – This isn’t the most insightful or engaging group commentary, brought over from the original DVD. It covers the usual filmmaking topics and background info that tend to show up in director commentaries.

“Beauty and Strength” Interview (22:16 in HD) – A new interview with actress Morgan Fairchild. She discusses first breaking into Hollywood and her early career, then dips into her memories of The Seduction and working with the other cast members. It’s clear she has fond memories of filming the movie.

“The Seducer” Interview (11:10 in HD) – A new interview in which actor Andrew Stevens discusses his leading role and how he approached it.

“Flashbacks” Interview (22:10 in HD) – Producer Bruce Cohn Curtis gives this new interview on his movie.

“Remembering The Seduction” Featurette (10:47 in SD) Archival documentary featuring interviews with Bruce Cohn Curtis, Irwin Yablans, David Schmoeller, Actress Colleen Camp, Actor Kevin Brophy and Associate Producer Tom Curtis.

“Remembering the Locations and Production” Featurette (111:10 in SD) – Archival piece with Bruce Cohn Curtis and Location Manager Charles Newirth.

“The Seduction and The Law” Featurette (07:52 in SD) – Another featurette pulled from the original DVD which makes an attempt at covering the legal issues raised in the movie.

Theatrical Trailer (01:54 in SD)

TV Spot (00:30 in SD)

Still Gallery (01:51 in HD)

Full disclosure: This Blu-ray was provided to us for review. This has not affected the editorial process. For information on how we handle review material, please visit our about us page to learn more.

The Seduction
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A sexy thriller from the early 1980s constructed entirely around Morgan Fairchild playing an attractive celebrity stalked by an unhinged admirer.

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