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Hokey Indie Horror

Former WWE star Kevin Nash (John Wick) headlines this indie horror-thriller from Rhode Island. Filmmaker Jonathon Schermerhorn makes his directorial debut in this wacky genre movie with incest, strange religious undertones, and a mostly forgettable cast.

The Manor feels like a training ground for its inexperienced director. The low-budget movie includes a few good ideas but largely fails in both execution and atmosphere. Co-starring in the horror movie alongside Kevin Nash are Christina Robinson and Rachel True (The Craft).

What The Manor does have going for it is a decent-looking demon creature that provides a few creepy moments, and a couple of loopy characters. You shouldn’t go out of your way to catch The Manor unless you happen to be a huge Kevin Nash fan. It’s not completely terrible but every element in the movie is a little rough around the edges, from the direction to the largely mediocre cast. What begins as tepid family drama around a troubled teenager eventually turns into a lame slasher.

… you are rooting to see most everyone in the film get killed for their stupidity

Amy Hunter (Christina Robinson) has just turned eighteen. Fresh out of a mental hospital for hallucinations and a troubled past, Amy’s mother takes her to the rustic Anders Manor for a small family reunion with her cousins. Amy hasn’t seen her relatives in several years, having been locked away. A 100-year-old bed-and-breakfast resort nestled in the woods, the dysfunctional family is just getting settled in to the Manor when two more groups show up. First, a trio of redneck hunters join them. Then a weird cult group led by a strange reverend (Kevin Nash) intrudes on their festivities. Nash’s character is fed the most ridiculous dialogue possible as a new-age hippie sort of preacher.

Amy suffers from delusions of a demon living in her mind, controlling her actions. Her constant visions of “Aka Manah” creep into the reality around her as more and more people start disappearing. It makes separating fantasy from reality a real chore in The Manor. However, it does produce a couple of sinister scenes but they ultimately get lost in the haphazard script. The screenplay feels like it was rewritten one too many times, introducing a rash of characters that don’t add much value.

The R-rated film finally turns gruesome after a lot of pointless relationship building with the hammy cast of characters. The demon finally makes his presence felt and mayhem ensues. In that regard, the movie proceeds as a mindlessly generic slasher. The Manor isn’t particularly original in its kills and the practical effects are average. By the final act, you are rooting to see most everyone in the film get killed for their stupidity.

The Manor tries its best and its heart is in the right place, but this is not a movie worth catching unless you absolutely love low-budget slashers with former WWE stars. The frights are mostly lame and the “twist” ending is eye rolling.

The Manor is distributed by Lionsgate on DVD and digital platforms. The DVD includes 5.1 Dolby Digital audio with English and Spanish subtitles. A series of trailers for other Lionsgate movies are included as a bonus feature.

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The Manor


Former WWE star Kevin Nash can’t help this fairly mediocre slasher, though it does have a few low-budget horror charms.

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