Hello DoBlu reader!

You’ve probably noticed we’ve been pushing for support to our Patreon page lately. There are plenty of reasons (in case you missed them) but we’d also love to regularly interact with a dedicated community of readers. Instead of merely telling you how this works, for three days this weekend (6/3-6/5), we’ll let everyone in on our subscriber features at no charge. Everyone will have the ability to download our screens in uncompressed .png formats, discuss each screen shot, see exclusive screen grabs, post thoughts on our reviews, and interact directly with us and other readers in a more private setting than public comments.

To be included in this weekend offer, just follow our exclusive [link removed]. You’ll need to complete a brief sign up form and then you’ll be granted access. Enjoy you time and feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.

Thanks and hope to see you involved!

One thought on "This Weekend: Gain Free Access to Patreon Features!"

  1. Phantom Stranger says:

    It’s a great way to see more full-rez screenshots and ask any questions you may have on a particular disc.

    Give it a shot this weekend, it’s well worth it.

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