We have reorganized our Patreon to be accessible to all! We’re treating our Patreon as a “tip jar” of sorts. Supporting us with just $1 a month (or more) keeps up going, keeps content flowing, and ensures we can keep providing Blu-ray reviews as our main focus.

If interested, you can click the giant, certainly unmissable banner below to get started:


One thought on "Be Our Patreon for Only $1 a Month!"

  1. Phantom Stranger says:

    It sounds like a great idea, especially since DoBlu has been digitally extracting full 1080P screenshots for years. Use them to compare transfers and screenshots from other sites. Most other Blu-ray review sites aren’t that reliable in extracting screenshots directly from the BD. DoBlu always has the best selection.

    $5 a month really isn’t that much these days.

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