Update: A winner has been chosen. Thanks to all who entered!

Second Update: I have made an incredibly unfortunate error. Swamped with work this week, I picked the winner 24 hours early thinking the end date was Saturday, my usual giveaway end day. I of course take full responsibility for the mistake. The winner has been already chosen, contacted, and he has responded. I cannot apologize enough to those planning on entering or those who were set to. I can only hope to never do anything more personally embarrassing or publicly inconvenient. As a make-up, I’ll be hosting an additional giveaway in the next week or two. While it won’t match this one in size, it should hopefully make up for the lost day. If you have additional ideas, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll respond as they come in.

Yes, it’s unfortunate, but DoBlu’s ‘Summer of Monsters‘ special has come to end… almost. At a time when we reviewed over 20 giant monster movies and Godzilla once again marched into theaters, we needed a giveaway to match that scale. So, here it is: A colossal giveaway of Blu-rays which ALL go to ONE lucky winner. It’s our most massive, extra large giveaway ever and it may never be topped.

There’s something in here for everyone. Families will love Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron and when the kids are in bed, indulge in the goofiness of  duelin’ Danny’s in Trejo & Glover as they star in Bad Asses 2. We have major studio flicks like Grudge Match, Out of the Furnace, and Counselor, all the way down to indie flicks like Ping Pong Summer. Oh, you like 3D? How about the waves of Storm Surfers, the galaxy itself with Galactic Adventures and then some alien invasion with War of the Worlds Goliath? Maybe you don’t like 3D? Okay, cool. How about Gina Carano kicking butt via In the Blood or some intense car chases in The Getaway? Still no enough? Pfft. That’s fine. We’ve got a long way to go.

Get political in The Unknown Known, watch Ray Romano sniff out some crooks in Rob the Mob, the end of the world comes in Parts Per Billion, while someone finds a way to Easy Money and then learns the Art of the Steal. We’re so giveaway crazy, we’re tossing in stuff we never had a chance to review like the concert Europe: Live at Sweden Rock and the F1 documentary 1.

At this point, you’re salivating for a chance to win a Blu-ray collection the size of Netflix’s catalog (okay, not quite that big, but it’s close) and wondering what you have to do. It’s simple! We’re offering two ways of entry:

First, just leave a comment below using a Disqus account with a valid email (that’s important!) stating who one of your favorite movie monsters is – giant or human sized – and tell us why.

The second method involves following DoBlu on Twitter and then Tweeting this to announce your entry: I’m entered to win the @DoBlu Summer of Monsters giveaway which matches #godzilla in sheer size: bit.ly/1nzG8gM

Entry period runs from Friday, September 5th to Sunday, September 14th at 5 PM EST. You may leave one comment and send out one Tweet every 24 hours. Any additional entries will be voided. US entries only please. Those without valid emails attached to their Disqus account and those not following DoBlu on Twitter cannot be contacted if they win and would therefore forfeit their entry. Winner must acknowledge the winning notification within 72 hours or a runner-up will be chosen.

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Thanks to all who enter! You’re pretty dang great.