DoBlu is expanding to begin covering new to theater releases and even the growing market of VOD!

This will have no impact on our current flow of Blu-ray reviews. We’re still here to fill this niche of technically driven film criticism. But, for years, theatrical reviews have existed in DoBlu’s backbone: Reviews were written, and then fitted to the Blu-ray critique on release. Instead of letting them go to waste, why shouldn’t they published?

To keep them relevant to reader interests and be unique amongst the plethora of others, we’ll also be including thoughts on video, audio, and where applicable, 3D effects. Of course, these can vary from location to location as opposed to personally controlled home AV systems. These sections will be fitted with an appropriate disclaimer, but should provide a unique comparison when the Blu-ray does arrive.

Note these reviews will not be consistent or done in regular intervals. Like the rest of the site, attendance is done on personal time. DoBlu cannot possibly peer at everything tossed into theaters given its two person staff (and with Blu-ray still our focus). Said reviews will be completed when they’re completed. Of course, helping out with our currently running crowd funding campaign could help bring on more writers…

Image credit: Fandango

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