Things are creaky around here. Ever see a blank error page? Come across a sever hiccup? Something not loading? Slow response time?

It’s all because of ancient, crusty back-end code which is tangled and interwoven between WordPress systems, a 2012 spam attack, and other dangling, performance sapping back-end frustrations. It needs fixed. DoBlu needs surgery and a facelift to create a faster, smoother, and more consistent end user reading experience.

The solution? Crowd funding, part deux. We need web types who can slip in under the cover of night, slashing and slicing errant code while layering freshly laid feature sets on top of the rubble. Those people, of course, deserve to be paid. The money can be sourced from our generous community.

Last year, DoBlu updated review systems. The site now has full 3D capabilities, and with nearly 60 3D Blu-ray reviews posted in less than 12 months, it was money well spent. Extras funds were spent switching hosts, expanding server space, and splurging on the current design. Now comes the hard part.

Around $2,000 will secure what we need, from a pro designer to enough time with said designer to implement features. Everything will be aimed at making DoBlu an essential home media criticism site which works – every time. Code will be gutted, replaced, cleaned up, and more. You probably won’t recognize DoBlu when we’re done, but if you’re a consistent reader, you’ll still feel at home.

So, off we go to crowd funding site GoFundMe, who also hosted last year’s financial festivities. You may give any amount, with $20, $100, and $200 donations garnering special attention.

“I can’t afford to give at this time.”

And that’s okay! You can still contribute. Most never realize how social media is a lifeblood to small websites. Clicking “Like” on our posted Facebook content can have an effect which creates a significant traffic/exposure bump. The same goes for Twitter and Retweets. Even comments here on the site can have a domino effect. None of those actions cost anything and still help the overall cause if you are not in a position to financially contribute.

Those who wish to add a few dollars (or more!) to the pool can do so through GoFundMe, or the easily accessible embedded widget below:

Thanks in advance for all of your help, support, and contributions! Leave any questions in the comments below, and we hope to introduce you to a new DoBlu in 2014!

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