seeninhdAre plasmas dead? They might be as we enter into Seen in HD this week. Panasonic’s loss in that sector and remarkably small market share indicates this may be the final year for the company’s high-end, videophile plasma TVs. All of DoBlu’s reviews are now conducted on plasmas, and if you’re in the market, we wholly recommend getting in the mix now before it’s too late. Next topic? Smart TV! Are you amongst the believers who think most people still use game consoles or Blu-ray players to stream? Then you’re not in the right demographic, because studies show the 18-34 market simply use Smart TV functions to access content. Finally, Amazon seems to be prepping their own streaming box device for the holiday season. But, can it complete in a crowded market, especially as people slip into Smart TV functions?

Reviews include Phil’s take on Gravity 3D, and gaming takes us into Beyond: Two Souls.

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One thought on "Seen in HD 152: Smart TV Dominance, Amazon Box, Gravity 3D"

  1. Phantom Stranger says:

    Supposedly Panasonic is dropping plasma production to focus on the next big display technology, OLED. The tech for it is still about five years away before it is ready for prime time.

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