With the release of the Universal Monsters Essential Collection on Blu-ray, DoBlu took the time to review the set right: Nine total reviews (10 if you count this video) spanning three decades of horror. One color film, one 3D, one widescreen, and plenty of academy ratio fun later, this becomes the final piece.

This is the UK box set. While the US edition offers some splendid interior artwork, it comes at a dramatic price increase. Many will find the UK set for a tidy some of $40-$50. By comparison, the localized version ranges between $100-$120 for the same on-disc content.

Either way, there are no additional bonus discs inside. Extras are slapped onto each disc for appropriately laid out bonus. Instead, you’ll find a nicely crafted book with pieces on each film and the actors that made them so memorable. Reproduction lobby cards – on a much smaller scale than the real thing – are tossed in on top of a fold out case.

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