Thanks to the combined efforts of the community via crowd funding, DoBlu is now in the midst of the 3D revolution.

What does that mean for you? It means lengthier reviews with added 3D paragraphs. Don’t worry those of you with a more 2D mindset; nothing changes for you. Reviews will still break down the standard video just as before. Now, assuming the disc in question has 3D available, you’ll also be able to learn about that functionality as well.

What is the criteria? Pop, fun, depth, and quality. Don’t be surprised to see animated films near the top, much like their 2D versions. Others will undoubtedly use the tech without understanding the basics, and fail. The 3D score added to these reviews reflect ONLY the 3D quality. Does it have a lot of depth? Is is used often? Do people look flat or natural? Any concerns over black levels, aliasing, etc. will count against the 2D score. If you have any questions or concerns, or even ideas as to how to improve, please let us know. We’re still learning.

Where can you find these 3D reviews? Welp, 3D Blu-rays have their own category now. This is in addition to the standard genre placement. And, even though we’re just getting started with this tech, there is a small backlog of reviews to pursue if you so desire, some updated like The Avengers, and some fresh out of the gate like Hotel Transylvania. More are on the way!

What’s that? You mean you missed out on DoBlu’s crowd funding efforts? That’s a shame, but if you still want to contribute, you can look over the Amazon wishlist which is now chock full of 3D Blu-rays. Also, over the summer, we will probably look into the funding again for a full redesign. As of now, expect many improvements (like an actual, useable search function that is in place right now!) to come in the next few weeks with the leftover funds.

Stick around, tell your Blu-ray loving friends, spread the word. DoBlu is going places… like the third dimension.

… That was cheesy, wasn’t it?