DoBlu’s crowdfunding worked! Seriously! The donation page remains up for the time being as you can still donate, all of the additional funds now going towards site improvements. Your name will be added to the list as future donations come in. Items such as 3D reviews will begin to trickle in very soon because of this, along with some other additions.

As promised, donors who did not wish to remain anonymous and donated more than $10 can now be thanked like the wonderful people they are. They are:

Robin Lovli – WOW! The largest donation of all, and I will be eternally grateful.

Michael Kohn – His donation kept the momentum moving up until the final moments.

Jason Westhaver – You can find him at Bretz Bar at 2012 Adams street here in Toledo as a regular.

Richard Gunther – A quick pick-me-up donation after things had slowed down for a few days.

Anonymous – Thank you to all!

One thought on "Thank You from DoBlu!"

  1. Robin Løvli says:

    You guys certainly deserved it. I was happy i could help you out.

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