Update: We made it! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Soon, DoBlu will have reviews for 3D discs. With leftover funds (or further donations, which are still totally possible!), DoBlu will gain more features and functionality on the front end, plus a better back end that will make this whole project easier.

DoBlu began in May of 2009. Since that inception, the site has posted nearly 1,500 reviews, produced 100 podcasts, interviewed industry insiders, and more. That’s a lot for a small blog with big dreams and two people, all produced with passion for a media format.

But, passion and dreams don’t pay for things. DoBlu’s three-year old equipment doesn’t do 3D. It is falling behind in terms of audio formats. The main TV used for reviews is small and aging after 11,000 of use. Server space is getting tight. Our design it out of date.

What DoBlu makes now covers current upkeep and cost, not much else. The ways of the internet dictate that people don’t click on ads, and despite over 60,000 eyes per month, attracting advertisers for any substantial income is almost impossible without further growth. Amazon referrals are a pittance. DoBlu takes upwards of 18 hours per week to produce, and pulls me away from other work.

This is where you come in.

Via GoFundMe, DoBlu is looking for $2,300 to get up to speed. That baseline will afford up the opportunity to review 3D discs and future proof audio equipment. This also expands coverage on DoBlu’s sister gaming site, MultiplayerGames.com where interviews and 3D video game coverage will be offered. Anything over and users will begin to see other things slowly trickle in. With enough funds to expand server space, we can upload .png images instead of compressed .jpegs. A small ad campaign can be run to prevent future scenarios like this. Further funds could mean a redesign. Donate a large sum, and you’ll benefit too via two tiers of bonuses. If there is something else you’d like, let us know in the comments. It can be added. Check out the GoFundMe DoBlu page for those details (and more information).

If you’ve read our content, enjoyed it, and want to see further expansion, even a small donation can help. We greatly appreciate the community that surrounds DoBlu. We want to serve that community with even more accuracy, better reviews (2D and 3D alike), and greater technology. Our hope is that you’re willing to stay with us and take a moment to give a few bucks.

You don’t need an account on GoFundMe, only a credit card. If you’re worried about personal information, GoFundMe has an explanation of their security process. The site helps everyone, from those looking for a wedding to those who need school books. It can help this little corner of the internet too.


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