Seen in HD’s return from a week off (we have a lot of those) brings with it news regarding QAM, or rather the demise of it thanks to the FCC allowing cable companies to clamp down. Oddly, as soon as that became public, Boxee introduced an unlimited DVR with cloud storage capabilities, but it will only work over the air or with QAM. That could see a quick death despite an admirable idea. Amazon may have changed the game in streaming contracts via their recent deal with Epix, and now truly makes a move at Netflix. Finally in news, two 4K TVs will make their debut by the holidays, and if you have $20,000+ to burn, one of them could be yours.

Reviews include Madagascar 3 and 007 Legends.

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2 thoughts on "Seen in HD 123: QAM Sent to Bed, Boxee Unlimited DVR, 4K TV"

  1. Christopher Zabel says:

    I would be interested in the unlimited DVR from Boxee, if not for the rather large monthly fee you have to pay them in perpetuity. It still looks like another option might be preferred and there is some doubt as to whether the Hollywood studios won’t sue this type of DVR out of business.

    1. gamereviewgod says:

      I don’t think $15 is unreasonable, especially considering the storage. It’s a standard rate for most cable DVRs.

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