“Um, didn’t you review the Alien Anthology forever ago?”

As a matter of fact virtual reader, DoBlu ran through the Alien Anthology in what could be considered the most complete fashion possible back in late 2010. But, despite reviewing each disc individually, processing all of those screen shots, and shooting video for the box itself, one element was missing: Fox’s limited edition “Egg” package.

Limited to 2500 units, this is considered the top tier of Alien box sets, a Sideshow Collectibles-designed piece that lights up and feels oozy. How could the Alien Anthology be complete without a video review of that set? It couldn’t be, so now, unequivocally, DoBlu has the most detailed review of the Alien Blu-ray release on the ‘net. Check & mate. You can view an embedded version below or go into the world of 720p at DoBlu’s YouTube page.