It’s time for the first ever themed month on DoBlu, and what better way to kick off this concept than with Jackie Chan! Get it? “Kick” off? Yep, it’s brilliant.

Every weekend in February will bring a review(s) of a Jackie Chan-starring film on Blu-ray. From his classics like Operation Condor to later Stateside releases like Twin Dragons, there’s plenty of Chan to go around in HD.

If you can’t wait for the weekend, satiate your thirst for Blu-ray reviews with these other Chan features that have already been discussed on DoBlu:

The Legend of Drunken Master: Some of the Hong Kong action star’s greatest work is in this 1994 brawl fest.

New Police Story: Outstanding and memorable high spots are amongst the brightest of Chan’s later career.

The Spy Next Door: Well, they can’t all be winners.

The Karate Kid (2010): Chan takes on a wise, honest mentor role in this emotional, moving performance.

Rush Hour: The film that turned Chan into an international superstar as he pairs with a loud mouthed Chris Tucker.

Rush Hour 3: Taking the concept one movie too far doesn’t kill the fun of watching Chan’s repertoire of stunts.

Supercop: Actually the third film in the series, this US cut damages the intent, but not the action scenes.

Little Big Soldier: One of the many period dramas Chan has released in recent years, this one hits its mark for the more discerning Chan fanatic.