Super Troopers could not be any more disjointed if it tried. This is a movie with no coherent center, content to toss one random sequence on screen in a bid for laughs.

At times, they work. After two of the highway patrolmen pull over a man, they begin a sequence in which one of them must say “meow” ten times during the conversation to the unsuspecting driver. It is funny, but feels more like a sketch comedy show where many of these characters seemingly belong.

In a world of dash cameras and reality TV, countless sequences of inept people end up online, and hidden camera shows routinely use police for random gags. Super Troopers isn’t witty or fresh enough to stand out, or be entirely enjoyable.

Even with a brief runtime, Super Troopers runs out of steam early. The opening sequence in which the Troopers pull over a group of three College Kids (capitalized because that actually is the credited names) runs on for a quite a while before the title pops up.

The sequence serves a purpose, that of setting up the fun loving although slightly inept title characters. However, nothing really comes out of it, a problem that also exists later in the film. The Troopers have a beef with a local police force, which serves as a limited plot. They discover a murder scene in which a woman is face down in a bowl of unidentified food, and a pig resides in a closet.

The two groups amusingly fight, but what about the murder? It is mentioned once later in the film, but not with an actual conclusion, just a lie. Super Troopers feels as if it were written by five different people… actually it was. Their ideas were spliced together with no thought as to how they could fit them together as one, and it simply doesn’t work. [xrr rating=2/5 label=Movie]


The film arrives on Blu-ray in an ugly, processed, and miserable presentation. Edge enhancement is thick in every frame. DNR smothers the frame with murky, soft details and glaringly inaccurate flesh tones. Even the thick DNR cannot cover up some significant damage on the source, including various specks and dirt.

What little facial detail that exists occurs in the opening of the film. The rest is too flat and unnatural to be notable. Nothing about this AVC encode resembles film, but instead a constant stream of digital nastiness ruins the fun. [xrr rating=2/5 label=Video]

A DTS-HD mix is almost entirely front loaded, although this a film shot on a budget and offers little opportunity. The surrounds are dead with the exception of a loud car stereo sequence in which the car tracks into all channels. This also delivers bass without much effect. Dialogue is fine and serviceable. [xrr rating=3/5 label=Audio]

The Broken Lizard crew loves to talk about this movie, so much so they provide three commentary tracks for it. The third is the best, with the entire crew given a picture-in-picture track to play with.

Super Troopers Drinking Game is exactly what it states, with various trivia questions and a variety of warnings about drinking responsibly. A whopping 41 minutes of deleted scenes and outtakes are mildly amusing at times if you can get through them all. Two promo featurettes and some trailers round this thing off. [xrr rating=4/5 label=Extras]

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