The Movie:

Probably the only movie in which you will hear the words “thoughtful” and “Michael Bay” in the same sentence, The Island is a rousing, energetic futuristic parable about clones. A massive box office failure, those going in and expecting Bay’s trademark explosions had a ways to go, as the action doesn’t kick in until after the first hour. By then, action fans are lost.

It’s a shame too, because what sets up the spectacular, well choreographed action is a unique take on the concept on human cloning, and the mystery for a first time viewer is strong along with being well written. The Island and The Rock are probably Bay’s best work.

DVD History:

The Island had one DVD release in the US. Extras were sparse, but the video and audio quality remain reference quality to this day (for DVD at least). A UMD release is also available. In the UK, Warner released a HD DVD and, surprisingly, a Blu-ray. Since there is no US release, we still get to complain.

Sadly, the company skimped on the audio, with only a Dolby Digital mix lifted from the DVD. The VC-1 encode was clean and sharp, but as an early format release, this could look better.


What to Expect:

Hopefully, Warner/Dreamworks who delivered the DVD edition in the US handle the release better than in the UK. A cleaner encode would undoubtedly be close to perfection, and a lossless track will make the highway chase (the film’s most spectacular and jaw dropping sequence) rumble with the best of them.

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