Hello and welcome to the just launched!

While you can visit our About Us page to get an overview of why we’re here, we wanted to make sure you understand the reason DoBlu exists and what we do differently. Let’s face it: There’s a flood of Blu-ray review sites out there, but how do you know which ones work?

At DoBlu, we want accuracy. If you want some PR speak, how does “fact-based reviews” sound? In other words, while the score system may be based around opinion, we want the actual content of our audio and video reviews to be truthful. For instance, when we reviewed First Blood, we noted the DNR used to remove the grain and the detail. That part of the review isn’t up for much debate. The enthusiast community is aware of the problem, and so are we.

This leads into another aspect of the site we hope you’ll fine useful: User updates. Say we reviewed First Blood and didn’t note the DNR. We would love for the community to let us know of our error. Post a comment, pick out a scene that shows what we missed, and where possible we’ll take a second look. No one is perfect, and we’ll be the first ones to admit we can’t get everything right. We’re not too high on ourselves to admit we made a mistake.

Also, our scoring system sticks to a strict five-point system. There are no half points or anything of the sort here. If you use halves, you’ve turned a five point system into a 10-point system. If you’re spending $30 on a Blu-ray, does that half point make any difference in your decision? Wouldn’t you rather have the critic be sure than half sure?

This is usually where we ask you to tell your friends and click on our Amazon links/ads as they help us grow, but you probably know that already. If you like us, hate us, see something that needs changed, or want a specific disc to be reviewed, don’t be afraid to let us know (or post a comment). We’re listening, and while we can’t please everybody, we’ll definitely try to the best of our ability. If you’re a PR type looking to have your product reviewed, drop us a line too.

So, in closing, browse our growing list of reviews and see what we have to offer. We’ll update the minute we get our hands on something new, so don’t think we’ll be reviewing catalog titles forever. We’re in the process of building a database, so expect our review list to grow substantially over the next three months to rival any other Blu-ray site out there. Forgive us for any technical errors or things we might break, as that stuff will clear up with time.

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