Seen in HD 109: Hobbit Goes 48fps, New Xbox Music Service, Consoles and Media Hubs

Wait? Where is Seen in HD 108 you ask? Well, it was posted too late for inclusion last week, so you want things in order, you check out 108 in the usual place.

As for things more up to date, namely Seen in HD 109, this episode dives into the controversy over The Hobbit being shot at 48fps, and the reaction to preview footage. It wasn’t pretty, and the idea sours us on the project too. Elsewhere, Microsoft is ditching Zune for a new service, or so the rumor goes. Netflix is in the dumps where investors are concerned, and there is some criticism being thrown around about the place of game consoles in the living room as media hubs.

Reviews include Contraband and a flimsy look at Prototype 2.

Check it out at the Digital Media Zone!

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