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  • Mebius Kramer

    Hey man! I saw the film in 1080p and it definitely became one of my favourites of all time! The landscapes are beautiful, the acting is splendid and I didn’t annoy myself a second!
    I had also extracted a few images, and wanted to know which program did you used for this purpose..?
    Thanks for the thread, I took mostly of your images over mine because I could detect a slightly better quality on yours! :)

  • gamereviewgod

    Hey Mebius,

    You can read about the screen shot process in a feature I put up late last year:

    And yes, this is one of my favorites. Vastly underrated film.

  • Mebius Kramer

    Woaw, thank you for the quick answer!

    I read a few days ago french comments about the film, and most of them were disappointed because they were expecting an action/thrilling moment. A pity they can’t enjoy calm and quietude film like this one; the landscapes and music will never bore me…
    So you are taking your screens with MPC? I use the MPC-HC but never saw the ‘screen capture’ tweak. I guess you use CoreAVC to play your Bluray files as well?

  • gamereviewgod

    Screen capture in MPC can be done with ALT+I, assuming the DRM has been defeated.

    I never actually watch Blu-ray on my PC or the digital files I rip. I only use my two players.

    And my name is Polish. ;)

  • Mebius Kramer

    Oh, dzień dobry! I’ve been to Poland this summer with my ex. From which city is your family from? if I may ask… I was in the countryside a few kilometers north of Lublin and really loved it! Superb country!

    Oh, yes of course! And thanks for the tweak! :D

  • gamereviewgod

    I honestly don’t know. My grandparents moved here, I assume when they were young. While I picked up a few Polish words over the years, both passed away before I was old enough to care about the historical side of things.

  • Mebius Kramer

    Okay, I see!
    Anyway, thanks for the review and the pictures. Have a good day! :)